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I’m so lost with this blog, I have no idea what direction I’m going to take it in. There are a few things I’m contemplating about doing and blogging my experience.

1) Reading my Bible through in a year.
2 weeks ago at church my Pastor posted a video to promote reading your Bible through in a year. It was of his mom who had read her Bible through and started on her 89th birthday. Its something I have wanted to do but just haven’t.

2) Following with me on a journey to a more disciplined and consistent life.
I’m so hungry for change at this point in my life. I’m thinking of journaling my attempt of overcoming 2 of the biggest things I struggle with.

3) My journey towards a better attitude and love for my husband (and others as well). It would be based off of the book “Love And Respect”.

4) A fitness journey again, as I want to talk another 60 or 90 day program 🙂 Insanity anyone?

5) My journey of becoming an early riser.
I soo desire to wake up early. I even did a challenge called “Hello Mornings” with Kat over at Inspire To Action. Although, I’m not convinced this is the best time to start such a thing as my husbad doesn’t even get home from work half the time until at least 8 or 9pm. That leaves us staying up relatively late and makes me tired for the am. But it is on my list of things to change.

So there ya have it. My thoughts and heart. I may just pick a few of these to do or just focus on one. Not sure, but I love the challenge! I’ll keep ya posted.

One last thing, anyone read their Bible through in a year tell me how it impacted you?


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