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Happy 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday to my talkative sweet girly girl Chloe Mae. She has brought us so much JOY,  color and so much love that my heart has never felt so full. She gave me title of mom and forever changed my life. I am honored to be her mom and LOVE my bubble gum lovin’ princess girl so much!

We had her party yesterday. It was just a sweet little one with a few friends from the Y and my husband and I’s families. I made lasagna (recipe found here) with Italian bread and salad. I also made the birthday cake, nothing fancy just the funfetti good stuff. Chloe got some really cute gifts, mostly outfits. She LOVES clothes and asked for those as her birthday present, so we gave  her a trip to Target to pick out her outfit.  However, once she put her new outfit on she took it off about 3 minutes later 😉 She is going to be fickle like me! It has been a fun birthday weekend (minus the inconsistent fever and tiredness from my girl getting over strep). 3 years have gone incredibly fast. I wish my girl MANY more birthdays. So blessed and happy!



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