‘Cause one day you will turn around she’ll be gone

I am reading “Bringing Up Girls” by Dr. James Dobson and he said that childhood is but a’ brief’ moment. I have not experienced that as my girls are currently in their childhood but I can probably take him at his word that he is right.

This song by Stephanie Bentley (I’ve actually never heard it just read the lyrics) touched my heart to the core and brought tears to my eyes.

Her mama bought her a hopechest
To keep her dreams inside
All the precious memories
Little things she’d like to hide
A magic wand, an old rag doll
Some plastic pearls ’cause after all

A little girl is only a little girl so long
And tender hearts need their stars to wish upon
‘Cause one day you will turn around and she’ll be gone
A little girl is only a little girl so long

One day when she got home from school
She slipped a little note
Beneath the tattered lining
And here is what he wrote
“Roses are red, violets are blue”
“Put an X in the box if you like me too”

A little girl is only a little girl so long
And tender hearts need their stars to wish upon
‘Cause one day you will turn around and she’ll be gone
A little girl is only a little girl so long

They married in the garden on a perfect July day In a horse and carriage they waved and rode awayMama went inside to put away her wedding dressAnd spotted a letter lying on the old hopechest

It said…
A little girl is only a little girl so long
Your lonely heart might need a star to wish upon
So look inside once in a while to bring the memories home
A little girl is only a little girl
And I will always be your little girl…
So long

The thought of my girls grown just shakes me. I know it’ll come and by then I will most likely be more ready. For now, I am embracing this season of raising of kids, enjoying their company and the color that they bring in my life. I take parenting so serious, this is THEE most important job in my life. They are what motivates me. I see life as so fleeting and I see them and have wishes for who I want them to be and as Kat from from Inspire To Action asked her readers the question “who do you want your kids to be?” — Be that.
That hit home, I HAVE to get my act together. And as Pastor Phil said on Sunday

“The days aren’t just for getting through, there for living


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Time Is Fleeting

Every single night my heart is so full of love for my girls. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I had. It could have been busy, or boring, or sad, or a great day. It never fails I reflect on what a joy the day was with my girls, recounting the funny, silly, and lovely things that happened.

One thing that is constantly scrolling across the bottom of my brain is “embrace each moment because life is but a vapor” (something along those lines at least). It is at the forefront of my mind. I literally think and breathe that day in and day out. Some people might not know that about me because I don’t necessarily vocalize it, but I about burst thinking about it. I’m constantly thinking how blessed I am to have another chance at life each morning, and well, each night (knowing I made it through the day). I see my husband and I thank God for just 1 more day with him. Its just who I am and how I think.

I have such a pressing on my heart each day for change. I desire so much to know God and who He is because I know that life makes the most sense with him. I know that life IS short and I so badly don’t want to waste it. Knowledge gained, time spent, things done, all apart from God is just pointless. And I am so stuck there. So stuck with useless things wasting rotting away.

My girls are my motivation to persevere and move towards to my goal, to know God. They encourage me so much to become a better woman. To become who God wants me to be. I refuse to give up. I refuse to give up just because its a battle every day to do what is so hard. To break away from stupid addictions like the internet, or naps, or silence. And to fight to become consistent and disciplined. To mature and seek Jesus with all that am.

Time is so short. Are you living your lifeΒ  desperately seeking what you are looking for? Living fulfilled and satisfied? Living out your purpose? Do you even know your purpose? I challenge you to think about these things. As James 4:14 says:

“How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog–it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.”


Me and my girls this Thanksgiving. The best gift ever, being a mom.

My girl


My treasures


my other girl


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Sweet 16 And Never Been Kissed


This is what I was up to last night. Chaperoning abunch of 16 year olds πŸ™‚

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I’m so lost with this blog, I have no idea what direction I’m going to take it in. There are a few things I’m contemplating about doing and blogging my experience.

1) Reading my Bible through in a year.
2 weeks ago at church my Pastor posted a video to promote reading your Bible through in a year. It was of his mom who had read her Bible through and started on her 89th birthday. Its something I have wanted to do but just haven’t.

2) Following with me on a journey to a more disciplined and consistent life.
I’m so hungry for change at this point in my life. I’m thinking of journaling my attempt of overcoming 2 of the biggest things I struggle with.

3) My journey towards a better attitude and love for my husband (and others as well). It would be based off of the book “Love And Respect”.

4) A fitness journey again, as I want to talk another 60 or 90 day program πŸ™‚ Insanity anyone?

5) My journey of becoming an early riser.
I soo desire to wake up early. I even did a challenge called “Hello Mornings” with Kat over at Inspire To Action. Although, I’m not convinced this is the best time to start such a thing as my husbad doesn’t even get home from work half the time until at least 8 or 9pm. That leaves us staying up relatively late and makes me tired for the am. But it is on my list of things to change.

So there ya have it. My thoughts and heart. I may just pick a few of these to do or just focus on one. Not sure, but I love the challenge! I’ll keep ya posted.

One last thing, anyone read their Bible through in a year tell me how it impacted you?

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I’m A Yo-Yo

My blog was a baby and still is. That is because I tend to act like a yo-yo and go back and worth in my mind as to whether I want to blog or not or if its even worth my time. I decided I am going to challenge myself and STICK to it for 30 days. I recently had an epiphany about how indecisive I am. I am going to work on that πŸ™‚ As a strong Sanguine personality (highly recommend the book Personality Plus by Florence Littauer!) we have a hard time actually following through. We mean well, and we are quick to see what needs change, its just the actually consistency we lack. So, with that being said. 30 days of me blogging period.


Oh, and a tid bit about that book Personality Plus. I read this book to help understand myself and people better. Let me tell you, it was SO freeing to understand why people are the way they are. Why my husband may be critical or get down easily and why I talk a lot and how I am a child at heart. It has helped me to throw away the judgement and understand peoples personalitys!

I encourage you to take the personality test here and comment below which personality(s) you are!

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Truth Be Told

Conversation with my husband last night and he told me some truth that I did not like to hear about myself. I wasn’t sure if it was just Satan discouraging me and that what he was saying wasn’t really the truth or if it was the truth and God was wanting to speak to my heart. I woke up to a devotion titled “Grow Up” with this verse;

“Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up….” Ephesians 4:15, NIV

I have a peace that it was indeed God and that my husband was right. As much as I didn’t want to hear it, and it hurt, and it was discouraging, and I felt like a failure, it was plain simply true. Without truth its impossible to grow. So, I swallow my pride and decide do I want to change? Do I want to be like Jesus? Do I want to set an example to my children, a mom and wife, who loves the Lord and isn’t prideful, and accepts criticism. Yes, I do. So I turn the One who accepts me as I am and molds me into who I am suppose to be. And I sing “There is power in the name of Jesus, break every chain, break every chain!”.

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Got My Hair Did

I personally looove Chelsea Kane! She is best know for being Disney Star (however I have never watched her) and was also on Dancing With The Stars (which again I did not watch). How do I know of her you ask?? Well, I was watching tv late one night and she was on Leno or Letterman, I really have no idea but when I saw her I thought she was uh-dorable! I knew right then I needed to chop my long luscious locks! And I needed my hair to be just like hers.

The first time around when I chopped my hair, I didn’t quite get it right. I think I was a little too chicken to just go all the way with it. So I waited it out 3 months and wa-la the girl at Pure Aveda Salon got it right (after I told her to “sorta” make it look like this and then half way through her cutting my hair I told her “no, go ahead just do exactly as this picture). The picture actually happens to not be Chelsea Kane however. Its a random cute girl at saw a vintage motorcycle race who so sweetly let me take her picture (all inspired by Chelsea Kane of course) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Little did she know I’d post it everywhere… just kidding!

My long lost friend at the races

My new "do"

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