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Looking Back: 2011

The year 2011 was a good year. I feel that I actually made improvement in my growth as a wife and mom. Still not where I want to be but progress is better than nothing. I’ll share just a few high lights of my year (some might seem insignificant, but they are what made my year special and made memories).

  • We got an unexpectedly call last January asking Chris for a 2nd interview (when he had had the first one in like November, so naturally we thought he didn’t get the job). He went and got offered a position at a great company we had been trying to get into. Incredibly blessed he got that job, he has worked more than 300 overtime hours. What a blessing to actually be able to make more money than what his pay already is.
  • Started P90X March 1st and ended June 3rd. Huge accomplishment for me. I lost all my baby weight and got in the best shape of my life! I actually felt confident in my body and I honestly felt like I could do any physical activity.

  • We each bought bicycles and a bike trailer early in the spring. I had SO much fun biking with the girls this summer. It was almost a daily thing right before supper we would trek on down to the park nearby.
  • We also had pool passes this summer so basically if it was hot and sunny, we were at the pool! The pool doesn’t open til noon so that was tricky since it happened to be about the time they napped but they adjusted and since we had passes I felt we could stay as long as we could handle. Many memories were had and Chloe still talks about the pool.
  • This year the girls went to their first amusement park, Adventureland. It was a scorching hot day! We rode some rides but it was so hot and Ayla already wasn’t feeling well we ended up making a trip to the ER after. But let me tell you, during our time there my heart was exploding with love for them seeing their faces on the rides. What JOY they bring!
  • Our first trip to the Des Moines zoo was this year. It was fun to see the girls see all the different animals. Ayla didn’t really care about the animals but Chloe liked a few. It was good entertainment for us to be all together, eating a picnic and just spending quality time.
  • Celebrated Ayla’s first birthday June 10th. Always a big milestone celebrating birthdays, especially the first one. So many what ifs, so many unknowns. She did it! We did it! So thankful for a healthy girl.

  • Made some new friendships this year. So thankful and excited to see where they go.

Didn’t attend any funerals, nothing life changing happened. We are all healthy and happy. I am so grateful to God.


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