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I Deleted Facebook

I haven’t blogged recently but I’m still here. As my blog is titled “Fickle Heart” it honestly couldn’t be more true to describe me. I STILL go back and forth on if I even WANT to blog. But I haven’t deleted my blog yet 😉 I did however delete facebook and my twitter account. That isn’t anything new and believe it not I will stick to it. No fickleness there that is for sure. Anyway, more to the point. I wanted to share why I deleted them.

Twitter is really less of distraction than facebook so that decision was not hard at all, I deleted it for the same reason I deleted facebook. Technically I ‘temporarily’ deleted facebook because I may get it back one day. I’ll be honest, I do not have the self control to only be on it limited amounts of time. Having an android phone and a laptop with wi-fi at home makes it so readily accessible. I find myself in the kitchen, laptop on the counter (most likely because I’m cooking a recipe from online), clicking the facebook link while waiting for my pasta to cook and wasting 2 minutes scrolling through the news feed, all while my 2 precious girls are running around the kitchen either pushing their strollers or yelling “mom watch!” To sum it up and not go on with all the dumb details, I don’t want to look back and regret wasted time on social networks reading about other peoples memories they made when I could be making me own. Motherhood is the most important job I have and quite frankly facebook isn’t making me a better mom.

Its been refreshing and fun. I’ve had a good day playing little critters and puzzles with my girls. I believe I have made the right decision and feel confident I won’t regret it!


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‘Cause one day you will turn around she’ll be gone

I am reading “Bringing Up Girls” by Dr. James Dobson and he said that childhood is but a’ brief’ moment. I have not experienced that as my girls are currently in their childhood but I can probably take him at his word that he is right.

This song by Stephanie Bentley (I’ve actually never heard it just read the lyrics) touched my heart to the core and brought tears to my eyes.

Her mama bought her a hopechest
To keep her dreams inside
All the precious memories
Little things she’d like to hide
A magic wand, an old rag doll
Some plastic pearls ’cause after all

A little girl is only a little girl so long
And tender hearts need their stars to wish upon
‘Cause one day you will turn around and she’ll be gone
A little girl is only a little girl so long

One day when she got home from school
She slipped a little note
Beneath the tattered lining
And here is what he wrote
“Roses are red, violets are blue”
“Put an X in the box if you like me too”

A little girl is only a little girl so long
And tender hearts need their stars to wish upon
‘Cause one day you will turn around and she’ll be gone
A little girl is only a little girl so long

They married in the garden on a perfect July day In a horse and carriage they waved and rode awayMama went inside to put away her wedding dressAnd spotted a letter lying on the old hopechest

It said…
A little girl is only a little girl so long
Your lonely heart might need a star to wish upon
So look inside once in a while to bring the memories home
A little girl is only a little girl
And I will always be your little girl…
So long

The thought of my girls grown just shakes me. I know it’ll come and by then I will most likely be more ready. For now, I am embracing this season of raising of kids, enjoying their company and the color that they bring in my life. I take parenting so serious, this is THEE most important job in my life. They are what motivates me. I see life as so fleeting and I see them and have wishes for who I want them to be and as Kat from from Inspire To Action asked her readers the question “who do you want your kids to be?” — Be that.
That hit home, I HAVE to get my act together. And as Pastor Phil said on Sunday

“The days aren’t just for getting through, there for living

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