Got My Hair Did

I personally looove Chelsea Kane! She is best know for being Disney Star (however I have never watched her) and was also on Dancing With The Stars (which again I did not watch). How do I know of her you ask?? Well, I was watching tv late one night and she was on Leno or Letterman, I really have no idea but when I saw her I thought she was uh-dorable! I knew right then I needed to chop my long luscious locks! And I needed my hair to be just like hers.

The first time around when I chopped my hair, I didn’t quite get it right. I think I was a little too chicken to just go all the way with it. So I waited it out 3 months and wa-la the girl at Pure Aveda Salon got it right (after I told her to “sorta” make it look like this and then half way through her cutting my hair I told her “no, go ahead just do exactly as this picture). The picture actually happens to not be Chelsea Kane however. Its a random cute girl at saw a vintage motorcycle race who so sweetly let me take her picture (all inspired by Chelsea Kane of course) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Little did she know I’d post it everywhere… just kidding!

My long lost friend at the races

My new "do"


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