Weekends end

This past weekend was filled with some good quality family time. Family time actually has 2 different definitions, either I mean my little family consisting of my husband and girls, or family consisting of either my husbands parents and siblings or mine. Typically our weekends are spent with one of our “families” but this weekend it was mostly just “us”. I loved it. And especially now that our girls are getting older (ha still 2 and 1) they are really showing their personalities and its so fun to order a kids meal and get them their drinks what I think they’ll like, or go to Target (because Chloe looves clothes) and its so fun to see them get excited.

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary this past Friday night by going to Hickory Park in the town that we first lived in. So sentimental to me. The girlies came with and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! We typically would go on a date just the 2 of us but we actually get dates quite a bit and were feeling like we had used our “free” baby sitters a little too much lately (our moms and dads, the perk of having young parents). It was a nice time, I love my family and being a mom couldn’t be more fulfilling and colorful.

Me and my girl







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